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21 of Baseball's Best Mental Performance Coaches Reveal Their Secrets For How To Dominate with Focus, Confidence, and Poise

We’ve brought together the secrets of the greatest minds in the game to show you simple, actionable steps to consistently perform at your best.  Not only are these secrets useful to every aspect of the game… pitching, hitting, fielding, baserunning… but simply knowing them can help make you a better player, starting today!

If you’d like some simple ways to deal with the mental and emotional struggles that occur during games, get rid of excuses, and take your game to the next level, then here’s how baseball’s 21 best mental performance coaches help their players do all of that and more  – and why you can too, with the information in this book...

The book is called Mental Game VIP.

It’s easy to read, suitable for players of all ages, and filled with so many examples of players either gaining or losing an edge that it will completely demystify the mental side of baseball for you.  

Not only is it helpful to every aspect of the game… pitching, hitting, fielding, and baserunning… and helpful in understanding and managing self-doubt when the pressure of a situation mounts… but learning its secrets will give you…

More Confidence And Control In All Areas Of Your Life!

We’ve left no stone unturned to bring you very specific, very detailed tips, strategies and examples from the game’s leading mental performance experts.

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Inside Mental Game VIP, you'll learn:

  • how to overcome a hitting 'slump'
  • the best way to prepare for an at bat
  • how to improve focus, enjoy the game more, and handle the pressure in big games
  • strategies to play more freely (and play your best on a daily basis) so you maximize your potential
  • the tools to deal with frustration and how not to get distracted by an error or a bad at bat
  • how to deal with mental and emotional struggles that occur during games
  • drastically improve your game, clean out any self-doubt, and get rid of excuses!
  • tips for understanding and managing self-doubt when the pressure of a situation gets intense
  • PARENTS & COACHES: why some of your well-intentioned ways might be limiting a young player's performance
  • and much more...
"the best resource ever created in the mental game of baseball!"
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Here are a few of the other secrets you'll discover inside this book:

  • Effective techniques to prepare the mind and body for competition on a daily basis - pg. 112
  • How to shift your focus to the process and controllables - pg. 124
  • The effects of creating feelings of fun and relaxation - pg. 139
  • How to slow the game down and get back to the present moment - pg. 161
  • What makes up the ‘It’ factor - pg. 167
  • How to get that negative player to buy in - pg. 184
  • The most important aspects to consistently performing at a high level - pg. 202
  • The power of imagery & mental at-bats - pg. 214
  • The keys to developing a real championship culture - pg. 227
  • How to actually set goals and track your progress - pg. 259
  • and much more…
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21 of Baseball's Best Mental Performance Coaches!

Mental Game VIP features exclusive interviews (sorted by topic) with:

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