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Inside the Mental Game VIP book, you'll learn:
  • Effective techniques to prepare the mind and body for competition on a daily basis - pg. 112
  • How to shift your focus to the process and controllables - pg. 124
  • The effects of creating feelings of fun and relaxation - pg. 139
  • How to slow the game down and get back to the present moment - pg. 161
  • What makes up the ‘It’ factor - pg. 167
  • How to get that negative player to buy in - pg. 184
  • The most important aspects to consistently performing at a high level - pg. 202
  • The power of imagery & mental at-bats - pg. 214
  • The keys to developing a real championship culture - pg. 227
  • How to actually set goals and track your progress - pg. 259
  • and much more…
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Mental Game VIP features exclusive interviews (sorted by topic) with these great mental performance coaches:

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